Hotel Styles


Hotel Styles & Types

Which hotel type is right for you? This section will assist you with answering that question.
Learn more about the different styles & types of hotels available to you.

Nowadays, our clients expect more than simply comfort and convenience. An increasing number of our clients prefer to be “surprised” — positively, needless to say. They seek properties that are noticeably different in look and feel from branded hotels. Our goal is to highlight the various styles and types of hotels available to you so you can find that one hotel that is best for you.

In addition to the various styles and types (as illustrated at the right side of this page} hotels styles, types and categories are based on a number of factors to include:

Hotels Based on the Size of the Property:

The main yardstick for the categorization of hotel is by size the number of rooms available in the hotel.

Small hotel: hotel with 100 rooms and less may be termed as small hotels.
Medium sized hotel: hotel which has 100-300 rooms is known as medium sized hotel.
Large hotel: hotel which have more than 300 rooms are termed as large hotels.
Mega hotel: are those hotels with more than 1000 rooms.
Chain hotel: these are the group that have a collection of hotels across the Unites States, Europe or other parts of the world.

Hotels Based on the Level of Service:

Hotels may be classified into economy, and luxury hotels on the basis of the level of service they offer.

Economy/ Budget hotels: These hotels meet the basic needs of the guest by providing comfortable and clean room for a comfortable stay. They are typically rated in the 1-star or 2-stars in the rating scheme.
Mid market hotels: These hotels exceed the basic needs of the guest by offering additional amenities and facilities to include restaurants. They are typically rated 3-Stars or 4-Stars in the rating scheme.
Luxury hotels: These hotels offer world class service while providing amenities and facilities such as restaurants and lounges, concierge service, meeting rooms, and spas. Bath linen is provided to the guest and is replaced accordingly. These guest rooms contains furnishing, artwork, and other personal touches. They are typically rated 5-stars or 6-Stars in the rating scheme.

Hotels Based on the Length of Stay:

These hotels can be classified into transient, residential or semi residential hotels depending on the stay of a guest.

Transient Hotel: These are the hotel where guest stays for a day or even less. The occupancy rate is usually very high. These hotels are situated near airports.
Residential hotels: These are the hotel where guest can stay for a minimum period of one week, one month, and up to a year. The rent can be paid on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. They provide sitting room, bed room and kitchenette.
Semi residential hotels: These hotels incorporate features of both transient and residential hotel.